Insurance Options for Small Business Owners

Risk vs. Rewards

Well intended laid out business plans, can with little warning, lay havoc to your business's immediate cash flow needs.

  • How can you address and plan for such financial risk, when you may not even realize it exist?
  • It comes down to revisiting the Goals you've put in place for your Business to achieve.

Your Business Goals

In order to achieve your Business Goals, what Risks do you want to transfer to Insurance?

What risks do you accept because the cost of eliminating them completely is too high?

Key Benefits insurance Products can Provide

Take a look at some key benefits that Insurance products can offer your business & your employees:

  • Cash in your business:
    the cash growing in Whole Life Policies often receive substantial protection from creditors

  • Business Overhead Expenses:
    Disability Insurance can reimburse business owners, for existing overhead expenses incurred, if the owners become disabled

  • Business Loan Protection with Whole Life Insurance:
    Creditors may require the purchase of Collateral Life Insurance to protect their interests.

A business owner may have a desire to have business debts fully repaid in the event of death to minimize business's financial risks

  • Group Life & Disability Insurance for Employees:
    attract talented employees

  • Qualified Sick Pay Plan "QSP" can be funded with Disability Income Insurance
    included in QSP is Supplemental Disability Income Insurance that augments Group Disability Insurance and covers any gaps

  • Key Employees - tailor benefits for your Key Employees: 
    Split Dollar Compensation Plan

  • Executive Bonus Compensation Plans - also called Double Bonus Plan
    immediate tax deduction for employer and
    provides permanent Life Insurance that builds cash value over time for key employees
  • Buy/Sell Agreements with your Partners: 
    Properly funded with the current value of the business

  • Minimize Estate Taxes for your Beneficiaries:
    with sufficient Life Insurance in place there should be additional liquidity to pay estate taxes

Our First Meeting Together

For over 20 years my Clients' Financial Interests have been my foremost concern.

A First Meeting with a new Client is to discuss key questions and to bring clarity.

Discuss - Where your Business is now and where you are planning on taking it into the future:

  • What are you doing to attract and retain top talent?
  • How will your Business manage if you or a key employee unexpectedly dies or becomes too sick/injured to work?
  • Do you have Business Loan Protection to protect against creditors who demand an owner to personally guarantee a loan?  
  • Do you have an effective Buy-Sell Agreement in place and is it properly valued?

Work towards bringing clarity to the mechanics of Financial Insurance:  

  • How choosing appropriate products can have a positive impact in creating more financial certainty for your Business.
  • Putting a strategy in place, that you feel confident will help your Business and Employees be better prepared for the future. 

Strong Advocacy Skills

My strong Advocacy Skills come into play once the actual application process commences. There will be times we may face resistance from underwriting your policies and unforeseen delays: 

  • I don't take a "No" response very lightly
  • cultivating Strategic Alliance helps me more effectively navigate obstacles as they may arise and
  • getting approved for a program is never a given

My Goal is to show Financial Insurance options that when funded properly will help to:

  • increase revenue
  • decrease expenses and
  • increase the efficiency of the company you are building

My Goal, is to help you Address the Risks
that you may not even know exist. 

We have a Fiduciary Responsibility to do what is in your best interest; to create a relationship that you want to grow. 
We'll help you see if you are on track and review with you and your Advisors all of your options. 

Let's do an audit of your existing Insurance policies:

  • Life Insurance (including: BOLI & COLI)

  • Disability Insurance

  • Long Term Care Insurance

  • Annuities

to see if you are on track and examine all of your options. 

Let's take a look at the Benefits that Insurance Products can offer Your Business and Employees.