Insurance Options For Individuals & Families

Risk vs. Rewards

Well intended laid out financial plans, can with little warning, lay havoc to your immediate cash flow needs.

  • How can you address and plan for such financial risk, when you may not even realize it exist?

  • It comes down to taking a look at what you want for yourself and your loved ones.

Your Goals, Your Dreams

In order to achieve your Goals, what Risks do you want to transfer to Insurance?

What Risks do you accept because the cost of eliminating them completely is too high?


Three essential benefits Insurance can provide

1. Better Control of Your Cash Flow

Take control of your liquidity and become your own banker with a Whole Life Insurance Policy. 

Take control of your cash flow needs and have access to cash and/or low cost policy loans for: 

  • unexpected expenses that weren't budgeted

  • smoothing out monthly income when you are dependent on commissions or a year-end bonus

  • an illness that prevents you from working for the short term

  • helping pay the mortgage on your first home because you just signed a contract on your dream home

  • starting a new business venture and

  • avoid selling assets when the markets are down (preserve them and give them time to recover)

Policy loans offer you the opportunity to take control and determine your payback schedules for these low cost loans. With responsible access to cash in your Whole Life Policies there is no need to incur higher interest rate charges from your credit cards or bank loans.

2. Create Predictable Income for Retirement Life

Eliminate the fear of depleting your retirement savings by including a Fixed Income Annuity* in your retirement plan: 

  • creating predictable income streams that are guaranteed to last for as long as you live or for a period of time you choose

  • helping you meet future predictable income needs to cover monthly reoccurring bills such as: housing, utilities, taxes, fuel, food, health care and

  • taking control, determining what qualifies as necessary expenses you want covered

Many people ask:  What assets can I liquidate to fund an Annuity? You can use both Non-Retirement (Non-Qualified) and/or Retirement (Qualified) Assets to fund an Annuity. 

Qualified Fixed Income Annuities have the added benefit of delaying a portion of your mandatory distributions that start after reaching the age 70 1/2. 

* Fixed Income Annuities are either a single payment (premium) or a series of  premiums that generates streams of income which are unaffected by financial markets and are guaranteed for life or for a period of time you choose.

3. Secure Reliable Long Term Care

Leverage a portion of your savings and create a larger pool of funds to help pay for Long Term Care.

There is no single best way to prepare for the cost of  your Long Term Care “LTC”. In fact, most people will depend on multiple financial resources to help pay for these services.

Leverage a portion of your savings and create a larger pool of funds to help pay for your LTC, with one or more options:

  • Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi)**

  • Whole Life Insurance adding a LTCi Rider**

  • Cash or Policy Loans from your Whole Life Insurance

  • Fixed Income Annuities

  • Qualified Fixed Income Annuities

** Expenses that LTCi cover may vary with Insurance Carrier. This may cover care in: a nursing facility, an assisted living facility, a community-based setting (e.g., adult day care), or in your home (e.g., skilled, custodial, or homemaker services).


Our First Meeting Together

For over 20 years my Clients’ Financial Interests have been my foremost concern.

A First Meeting with a new Client is to:

  • break down what your Financial Goals are and once established

  • work towards bringing clarity to the mechanics of Insurance and

  • how choosing appropriate products can have a positive impact in creating more Financial Certainty

Applications for policies at times may face resistance from underwriting and unforeseen delays: 

  • this is where my strong Advocacy Skills come into play

  • I don’t take a “No” response very lightly

  • cultivating Strategic Alliances helps me more effectively navigate obstacles as they may arise and

  • getting approved for a program is never a given

I will help you find the appropriate products, follow through and be your advocate! 

My goal is to show Insurance options that when funded properly will help to reduce financial risks, create more liquidity and avenues of cash flow.


My Goal, is to help you Address the Risks
that you may not even know exist.

We have a Fiduciary Responsibility to do what is in your best interest; to create a relationship that you want to grow. 
We'll help you see if you are on track and review with you and your Advisors all of your options. 

Let's do an audit of your existing Insurance Policies:

  • Life Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Long Term Care Insurance

  • Annuities

to see if you are on track and examine all of your options. 

Let's take a look at the Benefits that Insurance Products can offer You and Your Family.